4D Predictions

4D Predictions by 白龙王

I have a 白龙王 (White Dragon King) Amulet from Thailand 白龙王 Temple, To raise my financial and health and protect of my family.
Now here, I requested with the help of
白龙王 to help more (有缘人) people out there who in need, I believe every one have a need when time come.
God may help us in lot way, financial,health,emotional etc. As for return I Hope that you all will donate to the poor and lend a helpping hand to other. this is a form of thank to the god and for your own good.
If you have any other wish, you may text it down with your name and email it to us. I will print out and place it beside my 白龙王 for atleast a month.
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For all donation please list down it is for 白龙王 or our Working team.
We will not use any of the donation for 白龙王 as our own need.

Donate to 白龙王 (White Dragon King)
This sum of money will use to purchase flower for 白龙王, and all the left over will be donate to the Charity.
Donate to our analysis member for the hard work
This sum of money is award for our analysis team for their hard work and time put in.

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4D Predictions by my 白龙王
I will request my 白龙王 to give 3 set of number for every week.
The number given may not in order, it really depent on how you look at it.
If you are the one god wanted to help, i believe you will know what to buy.
You may feel free to change a number or place in the order you like.
I suggest you to buy iBet or 24 Permutations.
Do donation and send us a copy of your wining ticket if you win.
Thank You!

4D Predictions for 21/08/2010 – 22/08/2010