Best Texas Holdem Books

There are so many good Texas holdem poker books to choose from, I had trouble narrowing down this list to the three most essential. The three books below are absolute “must-own” Texas holdem poker books. If you call yourself a poker player and don’t have these three books displayed prominently on your shelf, you better hit your favorite book retailer with a quickness or risk looking like a total noob.

Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book

by Phil Gordon w/contributions by Howard Lederer, and Annie Duke

This book isn’t for people with no exposure to the game of poker or holdem in particular. It is more of a “graduate level” book for people with a little skill who want to get better. Phil Gordon is one of the best Texas holdem players in the world–why learn from anyone else? Part instruction manual, part “cool poker stories” collection, the Little Green Book is a perfect example of how a great teacher should sometimes also be a great student.

Illustrated Guide to Texas Holdem

by Dennis Purdy

The subtitle for this book is really over-the-top: “Making Winners Out Of Beginners and Advanced Players.” I’m always be suspicious of anything with the word “winners” in it, but this book is an exception. There’s more than a few books of this type–you’re presented with pictures of realtime game situations then asked to pick the best play. Dennis Purdy is an ex-degenerate gambler, so you can trust his knowledge.

Twenty-Five Absolute & Undeniable Truths About Texas Holdem

by John Belori

Belori’s the real deal, an actual grind-it-out holdem player living in New Jersey and banging out hands of holdem in Atlantic City. A decorated WWII hero and voracious reader, his book runs contrary to just about everything that’s in the other books on this list. That’s why you should study his “Undeniable Truths.”