Denzel Washington Eradicate Human Trafficking

Denzel Washington (59) is known as an actor who is very promiscuous role. For this veteran actor, the film is not just making money, but it also shows the political attitudes of the people involved in it. 

Not surprisingly, this Oscar-winning two eventually chose to get involved in the film Equalizer directed by Antoine Fuqua. In this film, Washington plays as McCall, workers for interior home appliances in Home Mart involved in combating human trafficking, which is governed by Russian boss. 

Acting Washington is able to deliver this movie has topped the best-selling movies ( box office ) with the acquisition of 35 million dollars in the first week of screenings. McCall is employee friendly and polite, but he could be a murderer without having a heavy weapon in hand. “He has the ability to very efficiently. Whatever could be in the hands of a deadly weapon,” said Washington, who ever won as best supporting actor in movie Glory (1989), and the best actor in the film Training Day (2001). On Equalizer , Washington re-directed by director Antoine Fuqua were never delivered it won an Oscar in Training Day . 

The Equalizeradapted from the same titled TV series ever aired in 1980 ‘s. involvement of Washington in the films that inspire a sense of humanity make this actor was awarded many awards from the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP). Organization founded in 1909 and is engaged in the civil rights this gives appreciation to the filmmakers who fight for civil rights through the film.