HOA Annual Meeting Minutes – 2/28/17


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Introduction of the Board and our CMG representative Amanda Frye.

In total there were 14 homes represented (out of 43).

The budget was reviewed in full including current expenses and foreseen future expenses. We discussed increasing the purchase of new pine straw to twice yearly. Also discussed was pressure washing every two years and cleaning out of gutters as necessary. Estimates are being compiled for each project.

Our monthly dues have been increased the allowed 10%. This increase is necessary benefiting all homeowners, in anticipation of a future “special assessment”. The 2017 HOA dues are now $ 133.00/monthly and are due the first of each month with a 15-day grace period. Homeowners are encouraged to allow mail time for checks to arrive at Cedar Management to be processed no later than the 15th of the month. After the 15th a late fee of $ 15.00 will be assessed. The vast majority of homeowners are up to date with HOA dues with the exception of a few, which we are working with to bring current.

The current board will remain in office for the 2017 year. Because no one else wanted to serve, all three members whose term had expired were voted back in. Your board for the next year is:
• Steven Burns
• Helen Higgins
• Maria Ines Orona
• Eric Ingram
• Ken Trager

The past year has been a very productive one. We continue our contract with Carolina Green Lawn Care. Do not hesitate if you have any concerns and/or questions about the lawn, bushes and trees. Direct all correspondence to Cedar Management please. We also contracted with Pond Professors to clean out and repair our fountain. The fountain will be maintained on a monthly basic for the continuous enjoyment of the community. The lights surrounding the fountain and at our front entrance were also repaired. There have been three signs placed around the neighborhood reminding all pet owners to clean up after their pets. The owner of unit 108 was kind enough to allow us to water the flowers at the front entrance from her private faucet all summer. The new owners of 108 are continuing this generous gesture. It has been suggested that a committee be form to address and take care of small projects within the community such as painting the mailbox posts (which in the past was done by board members). This would alleviate the need to hire and pay outside businesses for smaller projects and would bring people together socially for the good of the community. Any one interested in forming and joining such a committee, please speak to any one of the board members.

Remember, this is your home, neighborhood, and community. We welcome your input and involvement to the smooth running of The Crossings at River Walk. Please join us for our 2018 annual meeting.