How to get property valuations from Hong Kong banks for mortgage purposes

All the major banks in HK offer indicative valuations of properties in HK. These valuations can be helpful as a guide of how much a bank is prepared to lend, based on their assessment of a property’s value.

Some banks are more aggressive than others, so if you are seeking a bank that will maximize its lending to you, it is worth shopping around a little. Some banks may be more flexible, such that if you need, say a 10% larger valuation they might extend this to you.

Also, almost all the banks lag around 2 months behind the market, as they base their valuations on recorded transactions.

Finally, in a rising market, buyers, at least historically have paid 10-15% “above bank val”. My feeling is that for now, the rule of thumb is bank val +5%, though this may rise if the market heats up again.

Some useful links for HK bank valuations below:

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