Make A Splash at The Fountain of Hong Kong Park

Want a cool splash at the heart of the city?  Try the fountain at Hong Kong Park! 

Close to the entrance of Hong Kong Park at the top of the Pacific Placeescalator is the Fountain Plaza.  There you can find water falling down from a round fountain.  Inside the fountain have a seat.  Get a cool splash in the hot summer by walking through the steps into the fountain!  You are advised to take off your shoes as they will get really wet.  I brought my daughter there when she was one and clearly she could not remember.  But to my surprise, my two kids really enjoyed it as I tried to drive them away to other part of the park but they insisted to go back to the fountain for a few more splashes.  Address: 19 Cotton Tree Drive, Central.  Open daily 6am-11pm.


Hong Kong Park is also a good hanging place for the kids if the weather is not too hot.  There is a 1000-squared-metre children playground, a walk-through aviary and a conservatory that are suitable for the kids.  Next to Hong Kong Park is HK Zoological & Botanical Gardens where you can give a good lecture on the knowledge of plant and animals.  A gentle reminder to bring mosquito repellent during summer season.  After a play day, pamper yourself and kids with yummy yogurt at Yo Mama or other café and restaurants along Star Street.