Malaysia – Truly Asia

My final weekend of this so called intern was an ecstatic trip to Malaysia. I had to go there alone as all my Singaporean friends were very hard-fisted 🙁 x-(. The country is not as developed as Singapore, it was much like India – no cleanliness, garbage on roads, loads of 2-wheelers and traffic jams, people cross roads from anywhere – everything was similar to India (there were even Hindi channels on TV and hindi songs on FM).

The 3-day long trip was full of joy and excitement.Even this trip did not prove to be a relaxed one. The troubles started as soon as I entered the country. I was going there by bus and at the border we had to get down for immigration. So I went there, completed all the security check and came out, but could not find my bus :(. Kuala Lumpur was more than 500 km away and not a single person understood English there at the border.
It took me 8 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur, travelling in 3 buses and a taxi at midnight rate, with the help of some friendly Indians in the way. I reached my hostel (which I had booked already) at around 5 in the morning spending more than 100 Malaysian Ringets.

On day 1, I went to the KL city centre, where the Petronas Towers are located. The huge twin towers n the mall ‘Suria’ built in their first 4 levels are truly awesome. The park in front of the building accompanied with a large fountain adds to the beauty of the building. Sadly, I could not get the ticket to the sky bridge, but enjoyed spending my whole afternoon there clicking my camera hundreds of time. In evening, I went to the KL tower. The tower is nearly as tall as the twin towers. These two buildings are visible from any place in Kuala Lumpur. They act like a compass for you to find the directions and your location in the map.

The next day I went to Batu Caves. It is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Murugan and consists of three beautiful caves carved inside a hill and a tall statue of Lord Murugan. To go to the main cave, you need to climb 255 stairs (screw the other sources which show any other number, I counted each of them myself). I first entered the two caves at the ground level. The paintings and the wooden statues looked very elegant. When I got out of the caves, it had started raining. I climbed the stairs in the rain and reached the temple cave. The rath style temples and the gayatri mantra music made me feel very calm and peaceful.
There were also pure vegetarian restaurants at the base of the hill. I enjoyed the food there and came back home. At night, I went to Petaling street for some shopping. It is a single lane streets with shops on both side selling any king of item you wish to buy. The street is always full of tourists at night and there is no space for a single vehicle to pass through that street. Shopping there is the best way to test your bargaining skills. The shopkeepers come down to even 10% of the prices from which they start.

On the final day, I went to Genting Highlands. It is a hill station with a theme park at the top of the hill. The resorts there and the theme park along with the scenic make the place a heaven on earth. There is also an indoor theme park with rides inside the mall.
The style in which it is built is awesome. The roller coasters in the outdoor theme park were even better. The views of the bottom valleys from the rides were excellent. I enjoyed all the rides and some video games there and came back at night.

The whole trip(except the first day trouble) had been really awesome. Though I got bored sometimes being alone there but on a whole I enjoyed the trip a lot.