It’s snowing, it’s snowing, snowflakes are blowing! For reindeer HANK and owl SELMA, winter is the most beautiful and carefree time of the year. So they take out sledge and snowboard and have fun building snowmen. 
When the wintery cold turns trees and hedges into snow sculptures, 
you will find them skipping in the snow-covered landscape, enjoying winter! 
No matter what the weather outside your home is like: 
These two will make you enjoy the warm as well as the cold seasons! 

Naturally, all products of this collection are made of the top-quality materials NICI is known for.

Reindeer 10cm bb kh

Snowy owl 10cm bb kh

Reindeer 12cm MagNICI

Reindeer+Snowy owl 20cm dangling in gift box (Value-Set)

Reindeer 20cm sitting

Reindeer dangling

Snowy owl standing

Snowy owl dangling (w. joint, turnable head)

Cushion Reindeer rectangular 43x25cm

Cushion Snowy owl rectangular 43x25cm

Glitterglobe small Reindeer 6,5cm

Glitterglobe small Snowy owl 6,5cm

Money bank plush Snowy owl fig. shaped1

Money bank plush Snowy owl fig. shaped2

Shoulder bag Snowy owl plush 35,5x28x9,5cm

Slippers Reindeer figurine shaped size 34-37/UK 1½-4