Sarikei Day Trip

(Sitting in front row, extreme right is Ms Jenny, the owner of the Saga SE)

Date: 10 Sept 2010

We (including the children) left KG around 5:37am, had breakfast in Debak around 8:45.
We spent 45 minutes in Debak. The road wasn’t busy at all as it was “Hari Raya” holidays.

From Debak to Sarikei took us about 1:15 minutes and by the time we arrived in Sarikei,
Jenny AKA Rawai Ini Andan (our friend from Ruaikitai.Com) & her friend were already waiting for us in front of the CIMB Bank Building.

I have no serious complaint except for the weather that day, we left KG when it was drizzling and when we got to Sarikei, it was no different!

After a short chat over light refreshments, we soon parted ways. We spent the next 3 hours ‘exploring Sarikei on foot.

I would like to thank Jenny’s dad , Mr. Akim for the fine gift, a “Green Label” whiskey which is one of my favorite these days.

And a big “Thank You” to both father and daughter for purchasing the Saga SE unit from us.

It’s a long way from Bintulu just to purchase a car. That’s what friends are for, giving support and encouraging one another. Every little favor goes a long way!

We’re just glad to be able to render of service to both of you.

We headed down to the Bus Asia Terminal around 2pm, caught the 3pm Bus and arrived in KG after 8pm the same day! (Actually, we are supposed to go on the 4pm Bus, but the helpful ‘Salesman’ let us board earlier as that Bus was empty.)

What a journey, my friends!