the go pro story

A side story.
As I mentioned it was late at night when we first arrived in Bangkok.
As the taxi dropped us off and headed back to the airport little did we know that we had left our Gopro camera behind.

If you are not familiar with these cameras they are used often in extreme sports, outdoor, underwater settings. This is a photo of the back. You can’t view photos or video on it and it has two buttons that control all the features. Nathan thankfully had kept the taxi drivers information and surprisingly we did get our camera back. It was upon transferring photos the following day that we stumbled upon the videos the taxi driver had taken with it. They consisted of him first in the evening and then the following day staring at it, tapping it, having other people look at. My guess is they were trying to figure out how it worked.

This is the video

lost camera bangkok from outypants on Vimeo.