Togel Osaka – Brazilian Scolari Will not Practice Again, It’s Embarrassing!

Togel Osaka – Issued a strong reaction vice president of the Brazilian football association, Confederacao Brasileira de Futebol or CBF, Delfim Peixoto, following the humiliating defeat of his country received from the German, 7-1, yesterday morning.

According to Peixoto, Scolari “too stubborn taken the whole thing, including naming his squad down to the tactical formation”.

“Everything is wrong. I do not even want to talk about it, in this case I am speaking out of line, but I can guarantee you one thing, Scolari will never coach Brazil again. He never will come back, “said Peixoto told Marca on Thursday (10/07/2014).

“It is embarrassing, embarrassing. Scolari had to retire. There is no place for him in any Brazilian club, never. He does not need the money. He had to pack his belongings and leave Brazil, “he added.

Togel Osaka – Peixoto also stressed that there is something to be changed in the Brazilian national team. “We need a lot of changes ahead. I believe that Marco Polo Del Nero-CBF-president must make a change, but if he does not, he should want! The urgent “, he concluded.