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if you are one of those having trouble sleeping, then you can resort to other types of music apart from the New Age. Here are some suggestions for agan song:
1. Muse – Unintended
Ane’s favorite songs, it was not able to sleep if you have not heard this one Muse song. Moreover, the lyrics which means palace banged. Guaranteed banged fitting song for bedtime.

2. Christian Bautista – Beautiful Girl
This song always reminds women ane dream, hehe … of course you would know the meaning of the song donk is Christian Bautista. Music is slow, there’s no harm if you make a dream introduction agan. hehhe.

3. Hoobastank – The Reason
Everyone knows this one song, the lyrics are romantic and ears to music that fits, fits really make accompany sleep agan ..

4. Secondhand Serenade – Your Call
There are four under-Secondhand Serenade song, it’s an old song but it’s never bored-tuh bosennya ane puter. Immediately wrote suction … below hehe

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5. Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You
One more from Secondhand Serenade, song Fall For You gonna make agan oblivious to the world … (Go to sleep … heheheheh)

6. Avril Lavigne – I Will Be
Avril song is this one weve Pantes if diacungin thumb, from the lyrics of the song and the music arrangement very top. Pas banged for a longer troubled .. hehe …

7. Avril Lavigne – I’m With You
Still with Avril positioned on the 7th, I’m With You is one favorite song ane gan .. and must always accompany me by going to bed. Agan agan does not hurt to listen to this song.

8. Britney Spears – Everytime
Puter song this one, from the Britney song …. definitely suitable for skipper accompany sleep. Slow banged his song …

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9. Spice gilrs-Viva Forever
Old song that always fits ears ane gan, cool intro banged. If agan like direct download gan

10. Emila – Big Big World
From the first listen to the song ane instantly fell in love, well fitting introduction for us to sleep. Please download if agan also love the song on this one.